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Welcome to VersiChromatics, photo blog of my daily life fragments. I'm Yongquan Ye, currently (2008) a PhD candidate on a MRI project in Beijing, China. Before I came to Beijing for University study 8 years ago (and became a PhD candidate 4 years later), I was grown up in the charming city in southen China--GuangZhou. So doubt not, I am a fluent speaker for Cantonese,Mandarin, and English:) Oh, et un peu de Francaic, mais...:P

Since I was little, my father used to run a small photograph shop, taking pictures for ID cards and developing black and white photos in a small dark room. I was then able to touch and use the monstrous folding camera of his, in fact I loved squeezing the rubber air ball which drove the shutter. Sometimes I would duck into the dark room and observed people faces emerging from blank photographic papers.

But I did not take photography seriously until I got my first DC, a Olympus C750, in 2003. Years later I updated my DC with a EOS 30 film body and 350D, and now 400D. I wouldn't argue about which is better between digital and films, both are fun and I certainly would love to take both. But the expense for film photographs was, and still is, too much for me to afford. So I think I'll have to stick to digital techniques for quite a while. I always use RAW when taking pitures, and always use photoshop to process the photos before I show them to others. As a EE student, I understand that RAW can store all the imagery infomation so that we can process with more "material". However, for the same reason, RAW images allways appear a little "gray" for broad color spectrum (remember that white is the combination of all colors). A serious photographer should remove those unnecessary elements in his/her photos, including color spectrum, that's why I think PS is a necessity for digital photography.

Maybe because of my childhood memory, I love using old manual lens, mostly those M42 lens. Such old lens each have their own charaters, bringing great enjoyment taking photos with. And yet they are much cheaper than nowadays high-tech auto lens. Finally there's something that we can have instead of saying "I miss the good old days":) Of couse, I do have auto lens too, to deal with some more difficult situations.

I am grateful for your visit and comments, so please don't hesitate to bring your constructive critisism, I need it.Thank you! And I hope my photos can bring some joyful moment to you!


Photography Equipment

EOS 400D+grip
EOS 30+grip

Auto Lens:
EF 50/1.8
EF 17-40/4L
EF 70-210/3.5-4.5

Manual Lens:
Super-Takumar 35/3.5
CZJ Flektogon MC 20/2.8
CZJ tessar 50/2.8
CZJ pancolar MC 50/1.8
Pentagon MC 135/2.8
Hua Guang 135/2.8

Sigma EF-500 DG SUPER