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080924 - Halo
24 September 2008

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Ralph Jones on The Bride
I believe I may know that bride, if not the bride the venue.

Theys on At Chicago
Nice shot! good bw!

Helena Lagartinho on At Chicago
ehehehe, sometimes we can also be captured!!!good idea and good photo!

Joan Felix on Typical Honolulu (III)
wow.. I like the light & The BW .. Very cool.. Nice Shot !!!

Hooman on Typical Honolulu (I)
nice shot and well done and nice colors

Hooman on Typical Honolulu (III)
well done.

Howard F. on 081230 - Wish for snow
Great bw. The vast expanse in the background really strengthens the man's loneliness.

Howard F. on 090103 - In a starbuck
If it wasn't for the emergency exit sign, I would've never guessed this is in China. Those pandas might give ...

Howard F. on 090104 - Chinese brush
Good detail and mood.

WABIKOJA on 090104 - Chinese brush
Love the details, beautiful shot!

cat on 081215 - To the Sea (VIII)
The sky is wonderful. The silhouette is too. Great job.

cat on 081230 - Wish for snow
This is extremely atmospheric. The sense of cold, and the railway lines disappearing in the distance. Very good!!

Lisa on 081208 - To the Sea (I)
I love it!

k@ on 090101 - For memory
I think of you and her from the bottom of my heart and share the pain, sincerly*

k@ on 081227 - The moon
Fabulous B&W and your angle is so original, this is a great & delicate picture !

M!NA on 081220 - Trip to Toronto (V)
:)nice colors

Sarah Schneider Photography on 081219 - Trip to Toronto (IV)
I love the angle on this capture.

Yongquan Ye on 081215 - To the Sea (VIII)
Thank you for your nice comments, they're very courageous!

Séb. C. on 081215 - To the Sea (VIII)
Nice shot !

patrick on 081204 - Winter in BW
I will admit i was wondering how you got that affect. It definitly works well for these photos

patrick on 081215 - To the Sea (VIII)
i really love the composition of this image, and the black and white really does it justice

zahai on 081215 - To the Sea (VIII)
Great atmosphere. Nicely done.

Anna.C on 081215 - To the Sea (VIII)
I love the series, great mood !

k@ on 081215 - To the Sea (VIII)
Beautiful serie To the Sea I visited right now - great work in B&W and your shadows are very powerful - thank you !

Sylvie S. on 081205 - Winter in BW
Beautiful !

Sylvie S. on 081208 - To the Sea (I)
Very nice one !

Sylvie S. on 081213 - To the Sea (VI)
Your photographs are really very nice. Stunning !

Anna.C on 081213 - To the Sea (VI)
I love this composition !

Jean-François on 081213 - To the Sea (VI)
really marvelous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Skorulski on 081209 - To the Sea (II)
A fine moody atmosphere in your image.

peter on 081209 - To the Sea (II)
great contrast and composition. nicely done : )

Robert on 081204 - Winter in BW
I agree , the vignetting adds to the atmosphere , nice work .

Anna.C on 081206 - Winter in BW
buildings grow as mushrooms in Beijing ! I like the angle of view

grant on 081203 - Winter
fascinating image - well done

Robert on 081203 - Winter
This is a very good composition , i.m.o. , the fence sets the proper mood for the cold emptiness .

Stovepipe on 081202 - In the tunnel
Great texture, dramatic shadow!

Jeffster on 081127 - Seagull in Kunming
Beautiful b & w image taken from an interesting view.

Deepcut on 081116 - MRI artistics II
I too was wondering! MRI images are slices of images in one plane and not overlapping such as the overlap of the upper ...

Anna.C on 081124 - On the Racetracks
good angle of view and abstraction

Anna.C on 081122 - Happy time in summer
very nice capture ! I love the light !

Vink on 081117 - MRI artistics III
Superb !

Vink on 081120 - Rainbow on the ground
Wow ! Marvelous urban rainbow ! Congratulations !

Kathryn on 081120 - Rainbow on the ground
wonderful capture! i love rainbows!

Fade ToBLACK on 081120 - Rainbow on the ground
beautiful colors

Azarakhsh on 081120 - Rainbow on the ground
well done . i like the colors alot:X:X

peter on 081120 - Rainbow on the ground
very cool catch!

Bin on 081114 - Walking down the street
Great, that I got my overseas access now, haha.

Marcah on 081119 - Latterns
Excellent lighting and composition.

Pixim on 081119 - Latterns
Very beautiful mood in this photograph, I like framing, and the mystery which surrounds these lanterns ;)

Anna.C on 081117 - MRI artistics III
A very original series, I imagine well a triptych !

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